Garry Jones in Los Angeles, California - Abulance Chaser/Fee Caping Lawyer

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I am sick and tired of this Garry Lawrence Jones greedy pig. Aside from being a fraud, he pays for his cases.

His *** girlfriend will hike up her skirt to get asbestos cases, Garry Jones will pay any doctor, hospital employee, etc for auto accidents. He will split lawyers fees with anyone that gives his "staff" leads form ER hospital tip-offs. Trace his "inside" jobs from Irvine Med, Western Medical, and others.I have all the proof. My father speaks only spanish and he was conned by a nurse in the ER who gave his info to Garry's office.

1 person called saying the were with Irvine Medical as "Quality control", then they asked him if he had a lawyer. Then they said that the Hospital would "refer" their case to a lawyer. Then Garry's employee (Field Investigator). I have his name, BIG FAT guy and all the rest of the names and #'s of everyone who is involved in this SCAM.

This guy really needs to stop practicing.

Any attorney under him BEWARE. He will take you down, your a pawn if u still work with him!!!

Monetary Loss: $5600.

  • Fed up with Garry


Sacramento, California, United States #1015073

Do not worry! The state bar took care of this Creep and his disgusting cohort Nevine Carmelle (Anglo).

They can no longer rip off the public.

The disbarment is permanent. Nevine is now ripping off clients in Redondo Beach with a corrupt attorney Stanley Bowman.

The state bar will soon catch up with them. Just watch.!






are all the aliases of the transgender freak that is behind this scam. Finally the STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA yanked his license and would have yanked Carmelle's except she does not have one to yank.

Maybe it was yanked off during one of her surgeries. ha ha ha

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